An Athlete Held up by an Entertainment Career

An Athlete Held up by an Entertainment Career is a popular light novel written by 齐成琨 . The story is translated to English and covers Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Sports, Yaoi genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of An Athlete Held up by an Entertainment Career and can be read for free.


Yu Nian transmigrates into a romance novel, where he becomes a beautiful cannon fodder in the Entertainment Industry.

He is used to contrast to the Protagonist’s innocent, hard-working personality, boosting him to extreme popularity; the Beautiful Cannon Fodder is a vulgar, degenerate, uninteresting, and outrageous vase.

That’s what everyone thought.

Until Yu Nian participated in the All-Star Games.

In the Figure Skating Competition at the All-Star Games, the requirements are high and the number of participants is low. Celebrities can win a medal after skating a few laps on the ice, the scene can be described as chickens pecking each other.

When it was Yu Nian’s turn to perform, the teenager took off his jacket to reveal a tight-fitting costume that emphasized his narrow waist, slender body, and his long legs—causing many in the audience to have a dry mouth. Before the fans could let out their admiration, Yu Nian landed a Triple Axel.

Fans: “…!”
Referee: “???” \(⊙0⊙)/

After the game, there were rumors that the National Team’s Coach was seen backstage of the arena, holding the teenager’s hand and was dead set on not letting him leave.

In response, Yu Nian confessed, “Actually, I’m not good at figure skating.”
Fans: “You are too modest.”

Later, snowboarding, free rock climbing, parkour, alpine skiing.
Fans found out that he was really not good at figure skating. He was an extreme sports athlete.
99 curved Tongtian Avenue.
The summit of Chieftain Rock, a vertical mountain of three thousand feet.
Surfing on a giant wave with a height of 30 meters on the North Beach of Nazare.
Kawagarbo, a sacred mountain that refuses to be climbed by human beings.