After Having Everything Taken Away, She Returns As A God

After Having Everything Taken Away, She Returns As A God is a popular light novel written by Qing Qian . The story is translated to English and covers Romance genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of After Having Everything Taken Away, She Returns As A God and can be read for free.


[Sweet, Satisfying, and Passionate; Group Pampering; Torture Casanovas]

Si Fuqing opened her eyes to find that her luck has been stolen. Everyone wanted her out of the entertainment industry too.
After getting a second chance at life, she just wanted to do nothing this time. Yet, some people who didn’t know their place kept trying to rub off on her fame without any genuine talents to show for. This wouldn’t do. She had to do something about them.
Si Fuqing pinched her wrist and took action.
After that, the internet berated her for being shameless enough to court Yu Yao, and that her private life was indecent, but…
An international songstress: I’m able to stand here today all because of Qingqing.
A top-rate male celebrity: Stay away from my sister #YuYao
An official international sports channel: Congratulations to Si Fuqing for securing the 13th personal gold medal.
At first, Yu Yao paid no mind to Si Fuqing. But when he later learned the truth and regretted, even getting down on his knees so Si Fuqing would look his way again, he could only post a status on social media saying, [#SiFuqing, Hello, Ninth Aunt].
That day, the internet was paralyzed.

In the records of history, Emperor Yin rose to fame at a young age. He was perfect, powerful, and benevolent. Yet, he died at the age of 27 due to illness, having lived only a short life with no wife or children. He was an unattainable Adonis for many.
No one knew that when he opened his eyes once more, he woke up in the future where 1500 years had passed.
This time, he saw tall buildings that he had once imagined before.

Shortly after, Emperor Yin’s identity was exposed. When Si Fuqing learned that her idol was within arm’s reach, she was so impressed that she wanted to…
Si Fuqing: I’ll work hard!
Emperor Yin: Repay me with your body.
Si Fuqing: ??? ‘Here I am trying to work hard, but you want me instead?’

An all-rounder and gorgeous goddess x A resolute and noble emperor
From being scorned on the internet, to being crowned as number one while she fought her Adonis one-on-one.